Long Days, Are Still Only 24 Hours

Yesterday was a pretty chill day like all my Wednesdays, practise at seven in the morning however. Never easy to get up to, but I have to admit that I am getting used to it. And to be honest I hate the fact that I am getting used to it, just feels so wrong to be up that early. Honesty in hand there really is no reason for it, but our coaches think it is a good ide’ and therefore we follow. The rest of the day was so sweet, I was straight chilling. A little nap here and a little nap there. Only one class on Wednesdays so it really is a sweet day. After a couple of hours of school reading I went and played cards and watched some Tv with Paulina and Molly. To the whole word to know I beat Paulina in cards, according to her the first person to ever do so. Just as Drama from Entourage would describe it, VICTORY!!!

Not to forget is that me together with Pauly D destroyed Hoover and Dennis in Fifa last night, I can imagine that a lot of our time will be spent doing that next year as I am to room with them in the 2040’s. Best part was that the RA came in and told us to calm down, since we were to loud and disturbed the whole floor!

Today Thursday, almost weekend( got to love that fact) has been long and hard (that’s what she said.) I believe that the lifting we did today might have been one of the hardest ever. It feels like our warm up this year is harder than our actual lifting last year, I hope we will see the result from that when start playing games this year.

So today in class we had a stand in teacher, our normal teacher had to attend a funeral for his niece ( thought to the family off course). However the new guy was very clever and really nice all respect to him, but when half an hour was left of class he asked as if we were out of time. The smile on my lips as he spoke the words were big, however one kid, only one kid decided to destroy it all. No, we are not done yet it is half an hour left. So thanks to that kid we had to have class for another half hour.

Luckily enough tonight were smoothie night as Straz, therefore, me and Axel strolled over there after class to get some food and a lot of smoothies. They are just so delicious, I could drink them forever. The food is really good to, they have a stir fry with all things you can imagine to mix in.

Now it is time to chill and prepare for tomorrow with a good movie and some readings.



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