Just Another Day

Finally back in my room after a very long day, a quiz, an exam, lifting, and my tv-segment. All of it went good,  as always I am a little bot worried about both the exam and the quiz. I have never been a good test taker, I just do not fully comprehend the questions I get and when that happens I chose the wrong answer. Multiple choice is harder than most people think, I would much rather have an essay. However not an in class essay, I am awful  at spelling and without a computer I have no clue how some words are spelled. Hopefully the teacher will be smart enough to understand that content is more important than actual spelling.

Lifting was good as well, I do not look like greek god but maybe sooner than later. It is hard though we really do have to push our selves all the time. Hopefully there are no cheaters on the team, and even if they do cheat it is only going to come back and harm them in the end. I hope it will not hurt the team though, who cares no one can stop us anyway.

The TV segment went really well, today we talked about Australia. I hope that I will get a link tot he show so I can post it here for everyone to watch. I am really sad that next week probably will be my last week on the show, it is really fun and a good experience for being on TV. Sadly sometimes things do not workout, and this time my soccer is in the way and when it comes down to those to there is only one choice SOCCER!!

Last but not least (for real) Happy Birthday to coach Anderssen, hopefully his kids did not give him an ugly tie like I always gave my dad.




One thought on “Just Another Day

  1. Why cant they change time for sooccer??? Just joking keep up son soon you will be the one making decision about the hours and day for your own show.

    love mom

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