Decisions, Decisions

Life comes down to a lot of hard decisions, that is just the way it is for everybody. Those who really succeed are those who make the right ones. I had a long talk with coach today about the future, both for me personally as well as for the team. However my upcoming decisions is about what I will be doing this summer. I am at the moment choosing between going to Canada and play in the PDL league, which is suppose to be all the best college players in America. The other choice is weather I get in to the study abroad program in Italy, which not only would give me 6 credits. But also to give me a rocking resume. Obviously the two different decisions are of different manners, one of the good for soccer, and the other one is awesome for school. I believe that what is all comes down to is weather  still believe in the dream of soccer or should start thinking about other occupations in life. This manner however still needs to be seriously thought about, and the future will show what I decide to do.

Tomorrow I got an exam and a quiz, so therefore I really need to study hard. That will be very hard however since  I have been  up since five this morning and I really got a feeling that I will pass out at second now. So no time to spare, I need to do some work.





One thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. What ever you do I will support you 100 %. Canada is a wonderful country and so is Italy. Live your dreams and whatever you do it will be the right way to go. Thinking of you here in this cold country called Sweden. Love you have a great day and good luck

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