Video: NewKid

I am just studying a little bit; I got a quiz and an exam coming up this week so I need to prepare for that. As always when I am studying I was listening to music, and I was lucky enough to find this song. The lyrics are in Swedish, so the Americans who might listen to it will not understand, but a good voice is amazing in every language. And this kid is pretty amazing, to be honest this is probably his only good song but I still like it.

Last night I just chilled with Corrie in her room, played some cards and watched a movie a pretty nice night. Especially since my money account is empty, therefore I cannot do anything to extravagant at the moment. To be completely honest I need to borrow money from my roommate to pay my bills right now, but soon I will get my new study loan and then everything will be all right.

Not to forget today is a big day, not only did Man U and Chelsea play this morning (amazing game), but this afternoon the super bowl game will be determined. I do not really care about football, but I need to watch the commercials for my Advertising class. I might even spend my last dime on some Chinese food during the game.

And just as a sad reminder to myself, tomorrow we got a 7 A.M practice, got to love being an Athlete!



One thought on “Video: NewKid

  1. Iam so happy you are back again love to read what you are writing.
    Miss you very much but I know you have a good time even when the time is only 5 am in the morning and you are on the way to pratice

    keep up my wonderful son live laugh love enjoy

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