And Now I Am Ending The Silence

After what have been a very long period of time, where I have not written a single word about my life and what I been up to. I am now trying to start writing again, the reason for my “blog silence” has simply been that I really have not had any passion to do it. That is the kind of person I am i guess, if i do not want to do something the chances for me doing it is very slim.

However now I actually feel like starting writing again ( you are welcome mom), but I do not know how long that feeling will be intact. I will not write a super long poat about what I have been up to since my last post. I do not have time to do that and I am pretty sure you guys would not have time to read it ( would be like 29 pages).

So how is life at Marquette University nowadays?

Well let me tell you, it is pretty awesome, I do admit that i do not enjoy to wake up at 5 A.M three times a week to practise but luckily enough that is only one part of life. We are however practising very hard at the moment, it will get harder in the weeks that are coming but I am sure we will survive it.

School wise everything is god, I am taking a lot of very interesting classes and I hope that interest will resolve in better grades then usually. I am taking Visual communication, Media In Society, Script Writing, Philosophy, and Advertising Principles.

I got to say that my Advertising class is particular interesting since we have been creating a lot of social media, I have another blog about advertising and I am a member on both pinterest and LinkedIn.

It has been a lot of work but it has been fun work!

I talked to my good old friend Alejandro today, apparently they have been going to a club called 720 downtown, the latest couple of weekends. Since I am only 20 I cannot go there myself, but I will try it out when I turn 21. They had a real good time apparently, and there is a lot students going there so it is always a good time. Only last night actually they celebrated a good friends birthday by renting a big limousine and with that they drove down to the club where a V.I.P table with a couple of bottles stood waiting for them. Clearly an amazing time!






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