Sexual Perversity In Chicago

Just chillin in the thetre working on my role in the two person play, Sexual Perversity In Chicago, it really is a sick play. I get two say a lot of funny lines, and the role is real easy to relate to. Hopefully I will have the permission to film it, so I can put it on my blog.

Otherwise, we found out on Monday that our season is over. A little bit suprising in some ways since we beat a lot of thoose teams during the season. But the world is not always a fair place, pretty much never. However, next year we will do all we can get into the tournament.
Where does that leave us? Well let’s put it like this, there are a lot more time for doing things now then it was before. And doing things is always fun, especially when Alejandro comes along.

In other essences life is pretty sweet, and sooner then later I will be back in Sweden for about month.



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