Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like C-bas

Early practise this morning, up and rise at six a clock. Man I am good at hearing my alarm and just rise and shine! But yeah to be honest, I do not like to wake up early, it is not my thing. Practise went good though, I believe that I am better when it is freezing cold because then I actually run. I need to get warm you know. Man I just want us to get into the tournament, we are good enough and we wil be tearing shit up if they just would give us the chance.

Anyway, last night I went back into the old school thing. Tanning!! I started off on a very slow level since my face is so sensitive from the burning I got in Miami. And as always some lovely ice cream afterwards, I tried this strange flavor Blue Moon and it was crazy good. And just as the cocktail Blue Lagon in Grecce, it does strange things to your body. The people who went with me knows what I am talking about.

Also I watched fast 5, not as bad as I thought. Clearly a movie worth watching, epic fight scene between vin diesel and the rock! Arms like that is the reason that we are lifting.

Time to start pay attention in class!!



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