Apparently I am 20 years old now, no longer a teenager. To be completely honest it felt so abstract the day before, I could not really understand that i no longer would be a teenager. It is kind of a big deal if i think about, feels almost like now is the time I should have figured out what I want to do with my life. But I still got no clue what so ever,  I was thinking that I had done nothing so far in life. A little bit of depressing  thoughts the day before my birthday, but on the day of I realized why my life is awesome.

The day started of with the team having a meeting, and at the end of it Susan Whipple, international student coordinator, came in with a cake that my family had arranged for me. I mean for a lady to take time out from her day to do that is just remarkable. And the love from the family to hook me up with a cake, it is just amazing. The teams congratulation as well it was just super, and during the day when I looked at Facebook, all the people who said Happy Birthday it was just so nice of all of you.

then I realized what I have done in life that is so awesome, meeting all of them. All of you, without all you guys my life would have been dull and boring and thanks to all you it has been interesting and fun and filled with all kind of things.

Thanks to everybody who made my day a little bit brighter with a Happy birthday, hopefully I can do the same for you one day.



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