People Like You Make Me Laugh

After a long and very intense season it looks like it is over, I still find it hard to believe. We might get into the ncaa tournament but our chances are extremly slim. The game that put us out of the season was one we should have won. I really felt like we had them from the beginning, and i really thought we would be able to turn things around. 1-0 at home is not a result that any of uss were happy with, me missed a lot of oppurtunities. I would say that me my self missed the best of them, it really feels sour to lose this way. But there is a new season around the corner, and we will do all we can to peform as well as we can. Otherwise life is going pretty good, I like it so to say. And to be honest I am looking forward to come home and spend some time in Sweden, it is going to be a great time. ///Sebastian


One thought on “People Like You Make Me Laugh

  1. GRATTIS på 20 årsdagen SEBASTIAN!

    Tänk för 20års sedan föddes du och nu är du redan 20 år I can´t believe it.
    Hoppas din dag blir härlig och att du känner all kärlek från Sverige till dig
    Älskar dig kram mamma

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