On The Road, But Early Mornings

We are on the road again, this time to conneticut. We are playing Americas Number #1 soccer team in college UCONN, I guess it is times to show them that their time is over. And if we win we will win the leauge, which not only gives us a lot of credit, but also makes sure we got some extra rest before the play offs start. The thing about traveling with the team though, I mean I love it. We get a lot things, good food, and the best hotels. But I am not a morning person, so traveling 4 in the morning the day after a game is not something I like. I understand that they want us to come home and go to class, but to mess with ones sleep only hurts. I personally believe that we would perform bette in school if we would sleep more, but as all college students know sleeping is not something you do to much. Yesterday was that kind of day that makes you realise that some classes are better than others. We started our sitcom scenes in broadcasting, awesome and fun, like fawsome. And in communication we watched youtube clips, that persuade their audience, mostly commercials, even more awesome. Oh, bytheway I pulled of a great prank on Mau at the airport I picked pocked him of his wallet, one of my less friendly skills, but he had no clue what so ever. He did not notice it until we landed in dertroit, and he panicked. I was laughing so bad, but I gave it back to him before he got a heart attack. Fun jokes on the trip! /// Sebastian


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