New Jersey, Seton Hall

Okay, so this morning we had to wake up at 4, since the plane was leaving at 8 we left at 5. I did not get a lot of sleep before that, because I am kind of an night owl and I had funnier things to do. I just love the fact that some people are so interesting it really makes life so much more fun. Also loveable is the fact that I have found people fooling around the past two days, it is so fun to see people together that do not want to be seen, they always get so embarrassed. However, no names will be mentioned I do not want to embarrasse them all over the global media world. Anyway, we are in New Jersey/New York I do not really know but it is some where around there. We are on our way back from a dinner at our athletic trainers home. And I just have to say that they might have had the sickest house ever. Just the size of it was crazy, but the surroundings and how it was constructed inside. They had the most massive theatre area/ game room I have ever seen. Ping-Pong, pool, swimming pool, fusbal, air hockey, and basketball hops! Just massive and beutiful! /// Sebastian


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