I Am Still Walking The Same Way

The last couple of days has been filled with awards from different organisations, both for me and the team!

We are now ranked 30th in the country

I received

  • Big East freshmen of the week
  • One of eleven players in the national team of the week
  • Marquette student athlete of the week

Off course a lot of pride in getting such fancy awards, but they really do not change anything. We still have to fight as hard every game, I still have to run as much, we still got to play our game, I still got to play my way, we still need all 27 in the team, I still need all 26 around me. To let things like this get to your head would be the most stupid thing to do, and stupid is one thing I and we are not.

Georgetown tomorrow, same preparation as always.

I had a speech and my theatre performance today and I really thought it went good. I remembered all words, and during the speech I brought up a lot of good points. Speeches I can do and create daily, exams on the other hand are a lot more difficult I can never study the right things.

Other fun things, or should I say mysterious. The word confusing is probably best, one of my biggest flaws in life is that I am extremely curious. Especially when people say A and do not follow-up with B I cannot think about anything else than what B might be. I guess I am just weird that way. Anyway, last day of school tomorrow. Then I am going to New York with the team for the week, oh yeah so nice.




One thought on “I Am Still Walking The Same Way

  1. LOVE YOU son, must be wonderful to finally get some awards and feedback from all the time you put in to it.

    NEW YORK!!!
    Do not get crazy with shopping

    Waiting for you to come home soon love mom

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