Clearly Not In High School Anymore

Just had a chat with my oldest friend Michael Ekstrom on Facebook, we talked about High School and things we used to do. We realized that we no longer get cookies and lemonade during the last class on Fridays, we no longer can fake that we went out and run by putting water in our hair, we no longer can cut and copy from Wikipedia, no more leaving math class to go and play beach volleyball, and no more come on my computer is not working, can I han in my paper in a week??

Nowadays it is more like this upcoming week which only is three days long but I got four presentations, two exams, and one paper! That is what I would call a busy schedule, and to be completely honest I do not really like it. But I guess that is a part of growing up, sadly enough.


Just said goodby to my dad and little brother who left to go back to Sweden after a week here in Milwaukee!

That got to see me scoring two games in row, and the team beat two nationally ranked teams.

Here is a video from last night!


Great times for the Marquette soccer team, and we got a new chance to prove ourselves on Wednesday against Georgetown.




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