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October, 2011






often tries to discover all the secrets that lie within the world, a quest that
never will be fully completed. Throughout the quest to discover all the secrets
of the earth, mankind has managed to find unbelievable things, places, and
animals. One particular region of the world that is known for its mysteries is Asia;
in Asia, a certain celebration is found. This celebration was discovered by
people from the western parts of the world, and since then has been spread all
over the world. The celebration takes place every time there is full moon. The
celebration is no longer a ritual or anything close to that; it is simply an event
where tourists from all over the world meet to celebrate together when the full
moon is out. On the island Ko Phangang in Asia, there is a meeting of cultures,
and together the celebrate life, youth, and happiness; however, there are
several aspects to be aware of.

The little island in
Asia is called Ko Phangang and is located in Thailand just outside the capital
Bangkok. Ko Phangang stretches itself 10 kilometers east to west, and 15
kilometers north to south (Baldwin,
Borrowman & Spooner, 2007). It is
a small island, and has not been civilized by what people would call modern
society. To get out to Ko Phangang, there is only one option: a boat from the
small harbor in Samui (Benjamin, 2006). Out at Ko Phangang, it might be hard to
find a hotel room located at the full moon party beach Hat Rin, however, there
usually are bungalows that are for rent as well as big resorts and hotels a bit
further away. Bungalows are classic places to stay for backpackers; bungalows are
small wooden cabins, not bigger than a room filled with two beds. There are no
toilets or showers, but they are cheap and located close to the Full-moon party,
the perfect living arrangement for the backpacker (Benjamin, 2006). Since that
the island has not been touched by too much of the modern world emphasizes Ko
Phangang’s beauty, flawless beaches, big waterfalls in the jungle, and amazing
snorkeling. There are a lot of places in Thailand where it is possible to
experience all those things, but only at Ko Phangang is there a possibility to
experience a full-moon party (Hughes, Flippin, Murphy, Duchaine).

The full-moon party is a
sophisticated cultural meeting about 25000 tourists’ shows up every time, and the
party starts when the sun goes down, and the moon comes up (Duchaine,
Hughes, Lipsitz & Murphy, 2010). When the full moon party first began in
Thailand there were only backpackers and natives enjoying themselves, and the
menus at the restaurants were very limited, but extremely specific. Special
mushroom omelet and amphetamine tea was very common and popular, but any
western meals were rare. During this time about two thousand people partied at
the beach, as well as enjoyed the beauty of Ko Phangang. As Oliver Benjamin
described in his book, the people at the beach usually stayed longer than just
for the full moon, and all the partygoers knew one another. It was like a
family colored in body paint, where everybody slept with everybody and the
drugs flooded (Benjamin, 2006). However that kind of “utopia” has changed to
another; nowadays, there are stricter rules about drugs and a lot more people
attend the event. There is not one guy playing guitar with people singing along
and dancing; now there are different stages with music. Usually DJ’s from all
over the world are there, and at special events world-known DJ’s perform on
stage. The important part however is that the feeling of loving, and just
enjoying life is still around, and that is the main point of the full moon party.

Even with it being a fantastic

party and a real cultural meeting with a lot of fun, there are certain aspects
that need to be considered when having a great time. During the party, people
are easily exposed to both thieves and unwanted drugs, and to ensure safety
there a few things to think about. Many people that are on the beach will be
highly intoxicated from alcohol, and other substances. This could lead to
people becoming easy targets for thieves and such. However if you are following
a few simple guidelines the chance of getting robbed or drugged are minimized.
First of all do not bring your passport to the party, it is easy to steal and
completely unnecessary to bring since there are no need to show id when buying
alcohol. Do not bring a lot of money to the party, 3000 Baht (96 dollars)
should be more than enough, and if you should lose that it is not that much.
When you are drinking alcohol make sure that you buy the drinks from the
provided bars, to ensure that your drink does not get a pill slipped into it.
The price in the bar is around 6 Baht for a beer and 10 Baht for a drink, or
the classical bucket for 250-350 Baht (a bucket filled with red bull, coke,
whisky and vodka) and the quality of the drink is much better than from an
unknown source (Full-Moon Party Thailand). If there is any personal urgency for
substances other than alcohol, you should buy it from another tourist to ensure
the quality and safety of the substance, but it is best to stay away from any
heavy substances to ensure a fantastic night. In the book “Lonely Planet
Thailand’s Islands and Beaches”, there are Ten Commandments written. Of those
ten, these three are the most essential for a great night.

  • Thou shalt secure all valuables, especially when staying in budget
  • Thou shalt stay in a group of two or more people, especially
    women, and especially when returning home at the end of the evening.
  • Thou shalt party until the sun comes up and have a great time.

If all these are followed the chance for an amazing night are increased,
and the chance for misfortunes are minimized. There is also a list on the
official full moon party webpage, that gives the same
tips for a good time as the book “Lonely Planet”.

To experience one of the most amazing parties in
the world, in one of the most exotic atmospheres, the full moon party in
Thailand is a must. It is a night filled with things people find hard to even
imagine, and the classical celebration had nowadays changed to a big event
filled with world known artists. People joining the party are from all around
the world, and everybody goes in with the same attitude: to have fun all night
long. To ensure that the experience is great people need to follow a few tips
and guide lines, but most important is to have fun and experience one of most
amazing nights in your life.











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