The Irony Of Scoring

Since I scored, and we won the game against Notre Adam I ton of people have celebrated both me and the team. I am just wondering why they do not do that all the time. Would not the world be such a nicer place if we just celebrated each other all the time? However you might see that, at least I am still happy! My Mid terms on the other hand are going and bringing me down down down! But who really cares to get a B is all I need anyway.

My family is still here, which is nice I am trying to take them places as much as I can, but it is hard with all tests,games, and practises. But we have been doing some fun stuff, last night we went to oscar’s bar and grill with paul and Gabby! Great burgers and great company, and the brewers won the game so all the people in the bar was very happy!

I got two papers that I will post when I get a chance.

// Sebastian



One thought on “The Irony Of Scoring

  1. Hi son,the family ……donยดt forget your aunt Fia and your mom that are still home in cold Sweden. But we are happy we have been att Carola show just came home. Carola was soo soo close to us we didnยดt really understand that she was so near touching Fia on her shoulder well what can we say we are stars fan.

    we love to see you soon maybe you can get a ticket fรถr us to come over
    love mom and Fia

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