English Paper

Sebastian Jansson

ENG 1001

Mr. Lorino

22 September 2011

Impact Of Messages Sent In Advertising


Within advertisements A and B, there
are clear signs of the values and beliefs each company holds.  Within their approach to sell their product,
they also send messages to the world.  These
messages become important because the companies are multimillionaire dollar
worldwide brands, and have an impact on people’s behavior.  The earth has been damaged by pollution and
man made abuses during the last few decades, but now the world has realized that
changes need to be made in order to preserve our well being.  To ensure that the changes needed are
possible, it is vital that big companies like Armani and Levis use their power
to make the world a better place.  Companies
like Levi’s and Armani spend large amounts of money to promote their products,
but in fact, they do not only promote their products, they promote a life style
reflecting their values and beliefs.  Although
advertisements are thought to only direct people to buy their product, the
bigger picture behind the product itself drives consumers towards the values
and beliefs of the company.

advertisement A, the creators made an image that touched the foundation of the
country, as well as indicated sex appeal.
This is done with words as well as with pictures.  First of all, the text within the picture
reflects how the country was developed and how it all started.  Hard working people who put their community
and their country over any personal goals are featured, reflecting the backbone
of how America became what it is today.  This
image makes the viewer feel like they are showing their love for America when
they wear Levi’s jeans.   The idea of patriotism is strengthened by
having the American flag in the photograph, but the focus is not on the flag
itself because they do not want to sell this product to just patriots.  The eye is then led to a beautiful girl, whose
upper body is naked, almost tempting the viewer. This catches the attention of
the males in society, since nakedness is related to sexuality.  Not to overlook the clear blue sky in the background,
Levi’s campaign sends out a message that we need to take care of what we have, “We
make positive change” ( Levi’s, Go Fourth).  This is implied by the American flag, and how
this country needs to be taken care of by the people.  As the slogan reads, this country was not
built by men in suits.

A tells a story of the chase of the American dream, the land of the free, and
the home of the brave.  It is made by the
hardworking blue collar people within the country, and not by the bureaucrats.  All the people within America are working for
that dream, and we make America what it is.  In the ad, we see a woman wearing Levi’s, and men
desire to be with women like her, so that provokes the desire for men to wear
Levi’s.  This ad gives people a sense of
patriotism mixed with a hint of sex. Taken from the article “Advertisings
fifteen basic appeals” written by the Jim Fowles, Professor in advertising and
mass media, it is possible to see that advertisement A appeals to the desire
for sex in life and the desire for acceptance from people around the community.”

for oneself, or the love for the rest of the world?  In advertisement B there are different values
being shown in the contrast to A, but there are also similarities between them.
In B we see a man probably in his
twenties who seems to be well recognized.  Paparazzi try to take pictures of him, but his
focus is not on them.  He is dressed in
an upper-class manner; shirt, tie, and a very classy jacket.  The ad gives an image of being on the red
carpet, and the male figure does not really have time for the people around him
because he is too into himself.  There is
a girl who trying to grab him, but just as everybody else, she is ignored.  However, having that beautiful girl grabbing
after him is a clear appeal to our desire of sex.  The image of the man’s relationship is
pictured as it is in many movies and popular sitcoms: that the guys do not
really care.  It creates an image of him
being better than the rest of the world.

for the well-being of oneself, the story that is unfolded is a part of a
journey, a journey that started off with a man who was an unpolished diamond.  But he worked his way up towards the stars,
and now he is shining as a sparkling clear diamond.  This relates back to the perfumes name, Armani
Diamonds, which represents fame, beauty, and money.  All these ideals are reflected in the ad; the
beauty by the actor himself, as well as, the women clinging to him.  The fame is captured by the cameras around
him, and the security guard doing his best to protect the man from the paparazzi.
The money, by his presence of the
clothes he is wearing and his surroundings.  There is one more idea given in the photograph
that really underscores the meaning of the ad; he is not stopping for anything.
The man almost leaves his security man behind, since he is in such a hurry.  He ignores the girl clinging onto him; even
though she is about to pull his blazer off.  This portrays the image of going forward, and
never settling for just being one in the crowd, but to keep on going until you have
reached your dreams.  The ad also conveys
the sense of him being too important to be bothered by the rest of the world;
strengthening that belief is the hand in the background. A hand is up to get
his attention could be the hand of an old friend or colleague, but that hand has
no significance to him.  All these images
within ad B play a role in the idea the professor of advertising and mass media
at the University of Houston, Jib Fowles, writes about in his article Fifteen Basic Appeals of Advertising.  We can interpret that B is filled with thirst
for achievement, dominance, and sex, which all are expressed in Jib Fowles

these two advertisements, we see an appeal to values; they may reflect
different values but they are still striving towards the same goal of going
forward in life.  However there are
different roads, and stories that take you forward.  The story in A is more about going forward
with your whole country; do as your ancestors did, work hard and do your
country duties.  But at the same time,
stay within in the framework of our country’s beliefs and make the world a
better place.  In contrast, B is telling
a story about going forward on a more personal level, a level that not always is
similar to the beliefs of this country and that does not ensure the well-being
of the rest of the world.  I would even
go so far as saying that A is more directed to caring about more people than
yourself to care about your whole country, and in ad B it is about putting
yourself first and foremost.  These two
ads could symbolize a career within politics, and such a career might start off
as working for the country’s beliefs and for the values you see as important.  This would have the ultimate goal to make the
world a better place.  But as you work
your way up in the political system your values may change, and what becomes
more and more important is your own personal career instead of the values that you
had in the beginning.  There might be a
choice where you decide to promote and work on an issue that benefits you, and
hurt the rest of the world.  If you would
have been faced with the same issue in the beginning of your career, the choice
would have been different.  As seen in B,
a hand is raised in the back as if asking for your attention, but the eyes are
only starring forward towards new goals and challenges.  In contrast to A, where there is a waving
American flag in the back pocket of a girl running on an open field with a blue
sky, which sends out the message and the feeling that we need to recall what it
is about America that we find important and worthwhile.

world-known brands have chosen different ways to promote their products; one way
that promotes the importance of the average person trying to make the world a
better place, and another that chose to promote their product by emphasizing a
life style that only promotes one’s personal well-being before anyone else.  The issue with this is that B appeals more to
its targeted audience, which puts personal goals ahead of caring about the
world community.  But a basic interest
that I recognize in young men is that they care more about money, fame, and
beautiful women than they care about the nature and the well-being of others.  The messages that are shown in A are aimed for
a better world, but those may not appeal to its targeted audience as well as B.
The message that gains the most attention from the targeted audience is the one
that is least beneficial for the world, which is a problem.




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