Haha Now I Can Blog From My Phone

Just chilling outside my class room, and finally got my phones internet to work. Took about a year?! Probably going to eat my battery though, especially since the battery time on this phone is questionable. My dad and my brother is here now, I saw them yesterday and they are staying for a week. Probably going to play some bowling with them tonight, and I will hopefully beat my dad. He gets so frustrated when he losses to me, it is super funny. I gave them a quick tour of campus yesterday and my dad was really impressed by all our facilities. I do believe that boyh of them will show up to watch our practise tonight. And they are going to see both our games this week, really good games to. Both teams that we play are suppose to be some of the best in the country. We however are at the top of the table right now, 3-0 in the big east so far and hopefully we are going to keep that up. We would really benefit from it since we had a real shitty start. Otherwise, just keeping the school work going, mid term week as it is, and I even have been able to see Alejandro a couple of times! But know it is time to head in to the class room!!! /// Sebastian


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