No Blood, No Love

There are so many things going on at campus and in life, that there really is not too much time to blog. Sadly enough, I really wish that was tough. But I really do have a lot to do this days, there are so much with soccer and school for the moment. It is good though, we are doing some serious damage in the games right know, 5 games in a row unbeaten. We are still working hard everyday to make sure that we can keep it up and make it to the play offs. There are exams and shit coming up so there is a lot to study right now. Luckily enough  their is time for a social life as well, I mean without that what would life be?

Fun though, my dad and my brother is coming here next week. I have not seen them in a while so it will be fun to see them.

Most awesome though is that my mom bought a house, and she is keeping her apartment for my time in Sweden this winter. So I will have that place for my self, which will be legendary!




4 thoughts on “No Blood, No Love

    • God Morgon, ingen äger ord ingen äger texter om man inte har copyright och ett patent på det…….have a nice day

  1. keep up son, what would life be without social life that is right have a great week love mom

    I quess I might have started something on the blog, about words that no one have the right to claim to be his or her own……

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