After a long day of traveling and everything within that, we are finally in the hotel rooms. I have to admit that we are very spoiled when we travel, or very well treated. I do not really know where I am supposed to draw the line. I mean just if I look at the hotel we are staying at I get amazed, the lobby is built like a forest with water and trees. Our rooms are huge, two big ass tv, a bed room and a chill out room. I mean I do not live this nice when I am traveling by my self. Practise 7 in the morning might suck, but when you get stuff like this you cannot complain. I did however find out way I never will be fit when I stop practising, the food in this world is just to good. The place where we ate tonight, are you kidding me how good it was. I cannot even describe it, I would imagine that if there is a paradise this place will be there.

Well, we are up at ten tomorrow so it will be nice to sleep a little bit. Not often we got a chance to do that!





One thought on “Spoiled?

  1. Hi my lovely son. Thanks for all the nice words. Miss you alot. Great to hear about your hotel and trip live your dreams and do enjoy and be thankful for everything and the nice thing is that you have made it yourself from training, arrange and taking the opportunies to be able to be where you are now. Iam proud of you but the most important thing is that you are the one you are almost every day looking and thinking about the positive things in life. You know my “words” everything is possible you are the one that can make it the way you like it. sometimes it will take another way but in the end you will have travelled the life trip. Love you /// mom

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