Travel Day

We are leaving for Syracuse, New York today. The first time I am flying with the team, it is going to be super fun I just got to make sure that I do not forget my passport. On the other hand it would be a super funny mistake, but I do not think I want to be the one doing it. The flight trip will probably go by smoothly, and I do not think I am scared of flying.

Yesterday was my first time on the tv-set, I have to say that it went pretty well. We were all new to the tv, and some nervousness was present. But as soon as we started rolling everything went by smoothly, I learned a lot I have to say. Everything was so new, therefore I believe I will do a better job later when I got some more experience. Hopefully I will get the tape next week so I can post it here.


Tomorrow Saturday is my mothers birthday, I do not really know how old she is. But she looks like 30, so I would make my guesses around there. I hope you get a great birthday mom, and I will give you a present when I get back to Sweden in December.

So a great outburst of happy birthdays to my mom, a loving and caring person. Lots of kisses and hugs.



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