Where Does All The Hours Go?

When you are standing in an elevator six a clock in the morning on your way to practise, you really tend to ask yourself the question ” Why do I play sports?”. That early in the morning there is no possible answer to the question, but as soon as you step out on the grass at valley fields you know exactly why.

I just got back to my room after an extremely long day of school, and studying. Not fun at all, but grades are important if I want to keep my scholarship. I was actually really lucky when it came to my paper, Rella was nice enough to help me with it. The best part about is that she is super smart so she knows how to conduct a paper, and that hopefully will be seen in my grade. Not to forget is that my paper in communication will come back tomorrow, exited to see the grade to be honest.

What else is going on, well not too much for the moment. But oh wait, yeah I am going to work as an anchor at the sport news on Thursday! Sweet, or maybe just awesome?

Well, more about that later, time for a shower.




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