Back On The Road

I got back from Michigan last night, but I did not have any time to write here. We arrived with the bus around 11, and it took awhile to get everything sorted out in the locker room and I was kind of hungry as well so I went for some quality food at McCormick. After that it was 12, and I felt that sleep was kind of important since we had lifting at 8 in the morning.

Over all the trip to Michigan was very successful, we played very well and we finally won again. I am so happy about that, it is never fun to lose a game especially games that really matters. And all of our games is that important so, we just never want to lose. Michigan made it to the final four last year, but they lost some key players so they were not to impressive. We really killed them as soon as we had the courage to play out and moved off the ball. I came in with four minutes left of the game, I really had two good opportunities to finish the game but a knee from a defender and the keeper tripping me was in the way. Luckily enough we managed to get the win anyway with 51 seconds left on the clock. Kelmends first goal for the team, and our second victory. I really do believe that with some consistent practising, we can work off this win and keep going at it as we step in to new games. Syracuse is next on the schedule, first big east opponent I do believe. Does not really matter who play, we should only focus on playing our game anyway.

Today ,was the first day in class where we started to work with cameras and how production in a studio is done. It is amazing how much more attention you pay to things that you actually think is interesting, and it also so much easier to remember it. We basically just goofed around inΒ  the studio, and tried everything that we felt like trying.Β  I clearly do not master the skills of production yet, but sooner than laterΒ they will be awesome.


Here is some Highlights from the game!





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