In All Deep Seriousness

Yesterday I was a part of the broadcasting crew that aired the women’s soccer game, it was a lot of fun and a really good learning experience. It is a lot of differences to be a colour commentator for a volleyball game compared to a soccer game. In the volleyball game I really knew when I could speak which would be in between plays, but in soccer they are playing all the time. Therefore, a commentator has to realize when he should say something, as well, to be prepared to be interrupted when something significant is happening out on the field. Over all the women team played well, and could see themselves win easily 3-0, and for the moment they are ranked #8 in the country. Very impressive, and after a few more wins I am certain that they will step up to the top five.

At the moment all the Marquette teams are playing really well and they seems to be going towards a big east championship, every one except my team. The men soccer team has not started of the season in a perfect manner, but we know that we will change things around. Hopefully that change will start tonight, as we play Michigan State at our home field. We also got a game on Sunday, we will travel for that game, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to go on that trip.

Otherwise on the life factor, I just today realized in a very sad manner that there will be a time when I got to grow up. I had a talk with my teacher today about how money, desire, and fun not always goes hand in hand. She told me a little bit about her career and her life, which defiantly is something I would be very interested in when I will be working. However, she also told me that in our industry there is not always too much money to be made. I personally thinks money is stupid, only stops people from doing what they really want. And within that, I got my dilemma. I would despise to work in an area where I made a lot of money but hated what I was doing, but on the other hand I would hate to do what I love and not be able to travel and provide for a family. I wonder where I will end up in life, but I also do not really care. It for sure is going to be fun to read a post like this in 10 years when I am almost 30, a lot of sweet experience to come before I am there luckily enough.

Also a shout out to my old friend Joonas Myllynen, with one of the funniest comments of the year.  “I think fresh means that your bananas isn´t green or whatever.”

Back in the days Joonas, Bagdad Bob och Big Mike.



One thought on “In All Deep Seriousness

  1. Son, money is not everything but sometimes it can be nice to have. I think the important is that you find something that you like to do and enjoy it. Life is long and you will be able to try different job so start with one that you like and then enjoy life and live it.

    You will meet good and other people on your trip dance with ones that dance the way you dance and that want to dance. The rest that sent negative energy you let go off.

    love you and really miss you, Oscar said tonight O, mom I do really miss Sebbe

    I hope you will be bale to go with the team during the weekend but if not …it was already decided to be that way you will do something else then keep up

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