Sex Pistols

I am wearing a Sex pistols shirt today, and I got to say that it is really surprising to see who responds to it. Some of the people who goes “Hey, do you like sex pistols??” is really not the people you in the first hand would assume are listeners. The Vicker twins for example, I thought they would be country girls but I am forever proven wrong.

Yesterday was fun, started of the morning with a good conditioning program, hills, 44’s, 3,4 miles. Just the usual you know. Can i feel the lower part of my body today, not really but I am capable of walking. Very uncomfortable sitting though, might also be because I forgot to pack underwear for after lifting this morning but who really knows the reason. I have to say that I was impressed by out team effort yesterday, 1,7 miles in under 8 minutes. What ever you throw at us, you will get back. Also nice to see Paul Monsen and Andrew Krinsky running with us again, people are on their way back to the field. Also a shout out for Charlie Hoover, even though throwing up he completed the whole practise right on time. Really Impressive to come back from a little throw up like that. While talking about shout outs, the women team is playing their first big east opponent tomorrow hopefully an impressive result from them as always.

Also I did my second broadcast yesterday, once again Women’s volleyball. It felt a lot better this time and I could really feel that I am getting used to it. Even though I really enjoy working on the radio I do hope that i will get some opportunities to work with tv as well.

I finished my first paper of the year about five minutes ago, i will not post it here yet. But as soon as it has been graded I will have it on this page.

Looking forward to some practising tonight, I am uncertain of the time it will start but hopefully I will get there on time.




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