There Just Is Not Enough Hours

I know my posting has been awful the latest couples of days, but there has simply not been enough time. All the hours of the day goes to soccer, school, and some kind of a social life. There really is stressful during season, I just hope that I will be able to keep my grades up as well as the rest of my life. So what have happened that might be worth mentioning, everything or maybe nothing.

Anyway, we played two games this weekend, sadly we lost both of them. We played well on friday, but it was not enough. On Sunday we were horrible, but we will change things around. We have the right mindset and we know what we are capable of, it is just a question of doing what we are supposed to do. We got four days now to work our asses of, and make sure that friday is our day.

More I broadcasted the women’s game, which was a lot of fun and a really good experience. I was not the best broadcaster in world history but I did by best and more cannot be asked for. Looks like I will keep up working with broadcasting and all those things, it is really funny and interesting so I do not mind it.

More and more, I signed a contract for housing next year which will cost be about 58 000 Swedish crowns. It is a 12 month lease with a monthly rate of 684 dollars. The rooms are already furnished and everything that is needed is there, it is one of the more expensive places on campus, but what the hell you do want to live nicely. And it is still cheaper than all the costs that comes with living in the dorms.

Here is the highlights from sundays game.



One thought on “There Just Is Not Enough Hours

  1. hi,
    don´t get it will you have your own place for almost 5000 swedish crowns a month,,,,,how big is it, will you get food also,,,,will you live alone,,,,,,many ? my dear,

    when will you broadcast again love to hear you soon

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