Derby, Marquette vs. UWM

Tonight we play the game that is called the 14 biggest game in college soccer, we play UWM our rivals. We are going for a win as always, and tonight we will get what we deserve. It is going to be a tense game, with a lot of tackles and a really big audience. In the end the best soccer team will win.

On a complete other direction, tomorrow I do my first job as a commentator. I will be the color commentater during the womens volleyball game against UWM, so I will fill in the normal comments with some extra information. I am really exited about it, and I now that it will go well.




3 thoughts on “Derby, Marquette vs. UWM

  1. I am so proud Sebastian that you are starting your studies overthere and that you seem to enjoy it. Looking forward to listen to the live sending today when you are talking kram mamma

  2. wonderful I was listening on the web radio and I thought it was you talking but then suddenly your name was on the web site and the reporter said your name. It is crazy you are there and we are here and still we can listen to you and hopefully soon we can see you if the games will be on tv web tv…great I have to wait to go to bed love mom miss you

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