Women Sports

Long day, started of at 5.45 am because of practise at seven. I really do not enjoy practising in the morning, my body just screams no when I wake up and I am just to tiered to get into practise. The worst part is that we almost always go over time, which makes it very hard to get to class on time. To get from the valley to the locker room and shower/ change takes more than 20 minutes, luckily enough my teacher is very nice and understands that we athletes might be late sometimes. We watched a movie about anthropology, not the most interesting so my eyes decided to take some rest. Sleeping is awesome.

On the other hand, the brew at straz what a disappointment. We can use meal swipes there, but they are almost always out things that we can swipe. That really makes the day challenging for me, I eat a light breakfast at 6, and then I got class untill 2 so I do not have time to eat anything in between. So when the brew is out of food, I got no chance to eat fruit or yoghurt. Very frustrating, shape up The Brew at straz.

Later on I went to a mandatory meeting with the Marquette radio, it was more interesting than I thought it would be. We went over different rules, and all the staff. I am with the sport section, and I will cover Women soccer and Women volleyball. I am really looking forward to broadcast those games, and I really do hope that people will be able to understand what I am saying.



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