Labor Day An American Holiday I Know Nothing About

I started of this American Holiday by reading a very long and very funny text from Alejandro, he was out last night since campus apparently was pretty crazy. I would assume that it is because no one had class today, and therefore celebrated instead. He pre gamed with a couple of friends, and they decide to bring over some more people. Their house had a big crown, but he decided to leave to another party. They had a sick basement dj and a lot of lights down there apparently. He said it was extremely many people there,like you cannot move around many, and therefore the party got busted by the cops. Alejandro’s friend, Pablo, tried to get away extra quick and jumped down from the porch. However he had not realized how far down it was, and almost killed him self. A great laugh for everybody else apparently, Pedro seems like a really special character.

Later on after the cops busted the party, Alejandro and  the rest went to McCormick to chill at some girls room. Quit funny since I was there as well, a shame that I did not see him. Anyway, they were playing never have I ever and Alejandro kept losing all the time, and therefore he drank more and more. The funniest part was that they thought they were allowed to stay at McCormick until 2 at night, but they had to be out at one. When they went down around 1.30 ich the guy in the reception told them that they should be written up, super shocked and scared, but luckily enough he let them go with a warning.

I now that I would have been super scared if that happened to me, since the first athlete who get in trouble will be kicked off the team, and the school.

Well well, I also managed to finish parts of my english paper thanks to Rella, even though she refused to give me her paper.. later on I went out to dinner with Olga, Rocky ,and Jorge. Super happy news by the way, my hat that I thought some evil person had stolen is in Olga’s place. I got so happy when she told me, I love that hat it has been with me in like 7 different countries and I like the way it looks.


Now it is time to clean the room, oh yeah mom I am really going to do it. Please do not get a heart attack.



One thought on “Labor Day An American Holiday I Know Nothing About

  1. Welcome home to fix your room here also. Nice photo who are the rest of the gang …kram mom and did not get a heartattack
    don´t forget 24 of september my oldest son still waiting for the cap….

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