Back To Bed

Today was spent doing some random rehab with the team at old gym, and different exercises to get our bodies ready for tomorrow. We also played a donkey game, which is a game were we split up the team into two and play a certain soccer related game. The winning team gets to pick one player on the losing team that played bad, or did a very stupid mistake. I played perfectly fine up until the last ball of the game. We played soccer tennis, and I decided to do a bicycle kick but my hand got stock on the net and I completely lost my balance and missed the ball. Off course that silly mistake made them pick me, so on Wednesdays practise I will be wearing the donkey vest. I am kind of pissed about it, but only got my self to blame.

Later me Charlie, and Dennis decided to go to the mall. We all found some sweet things, especially Dennis who bought his first pair of skinny jeans. Getting the European swag, I like it. Me my self I bought a back pack, which is essential for school here and not nerdy like it is in Sweden. I also picked up to new hats at lids, one blue and one red. But I have been thinking about getting a hair cut, so they might just have been unnecessary. No, who am I kidding clothes are never unnecessary.

Let’s get a Marquette winner tomorrow!



One thought on “Back To Bed

  1. Finally after almost 20 years the bagpack is back great to ahve all the things in it and you don´t have to get a sore back after carrying all the school stuff, great Sebastian, kram mom go go today on the game

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