Two Games One Win

After a lot of drama we managed to win the game, 3-2.

The game started of real good for us, we scored after just a couple of minutes. Adam Lysak headed a free kick in the back of  the net, after that we continued to demolish Michigan more and more. I was not impressed by how they played or the players they had, especially their right back, he was horrible. We continued to play well in the first half, but we did not score even though we got several opportunities. As the second half started we kept going, and we scored our second goal quickly. James. C. Nortey put it in after a solo from Andy Huftalin, C celebrated with no less than five back flips. After our second goal it felt like we were dropping back more and more, trying to just defend our lead. Which lead to them taking over more and more, and soon they were awarded a penalty. They scored, and now  they just kept going at us. We got several counter attacks, but we were not able to put it in. And late in the game they got a second penalty, and they scored. None of teams was able to score in regular time, and in college soccer you go to over time if it is a draw. 2×10 minutes, there were  a lot of chances during this period, but not until 19.47 did we end the game. Andy Huftalin headed in the final and ending goal on a cross after a corner from Bryan Cieusulka.

Now we are one win in two games, and tomorrow will be a new opportunity to win a game. We play Western Illinois, we watched them played yesterday and they looked good. Therefore I know tomorrows game will be a test of our ability to play.



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