Busy Days

It is really easy to feel that school and soccer have started for real now, papers to write, home work to do, and a lot of soccer to play. I need to wake up around six to be able to get to practise in time, and I do not come back to my room untill 3 or 7 a clock depending on the day. Tomorrow is a super nice day though, only one class and it is at 12 a clock. Later that night we got our second game, we play Michigan state. I do believe that we will win tomorrow, even though coach is keeping me in the freezing box. At least I get some playing time, hopefully I will be able to show that I should be playing from start when I get in.

I talked to my broadcasting teacher today, Danielle Beverly, she has been working on a project since 2001. And it is getting showed around the country right now, it is about what happened to people’s lives after september 11, a really emotionally strong movie. I really do think that it will be good, and I am extremely glad to have such an experienced teacher. She really seems to have a lot of knowledge, and really wants to make sure that we get into the career paths that we want.

But that is the thing about being at college at Marquette, all the teacher you have are so extremely knowledgeable. It is impossible to even compared them to the teacher that I had back in Sweden. I do not know if it is  the same at universities in Sweden, but I feel so lucky to have those people helping me in my education.

Another thing about college life is sleep and time, it does not exist. I sleep about 5 hours a night and it still feels like there is no time. You wanna train, study, and hangout with people. Sleep does not match that combination at all. But I would choose this life over working anytime, studying is awesome compared to that.

I will try to clean um my room this weekend, so that I can show how we live here at mashuda.

Here is a clip of the team just goofing around.



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