There Is A Riot In Everyone

The first day of school, over and done. It has been very long, left my room this morning at seven and I just got back now at 11 a clock. Thank you coaches, been a fun day with you guys. At practise we run extreme distances, I would say it was because of the lost this weekend. But there might be some disagreement there. Directly after practise we had to rush to a banquet with all the student Athletes, it was a very nice set up and good food. All the directors and people around the Athletes hold speeches, even the coaches of all the different teams held a speech. Best speech was held by the basketball coach, very funny guy. I wanted to cheer up the mood at my table with a funny story, but got a mean look from coach so I did not. Over all a great banquet.

My classes are looking really interesting, especially broadcasting. I think that class might be the best one this year, we are learning about creating music and movies. I just love it.

Well it is time for bed now, I am dead!



One thought on “There Is A Riot In Everyone

  1. nice, andthank you for not cheering up your friends and that you listen and respect the sign from your coach. I am glad that you might hace learn when the right time is….hopefully

    you don´t have to be the funny one all the time love mom

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