Sunday ( Funday)

We got back from the game at around 12 last night, everybody were pissed over the lost. It is never fun to lose a game, especially not when it is one that really matters. I do not know what happened really, I could put certain people on the line for us losing even my self. But the fact is that we are a team, both when we win and when we lose. And we as a team will take this lose and make sure that it will not be repeated, we got five days untill the next game and then we will be successful.

We actually had a quiet good night when we got back, just walked the streets and met some freshmen and other fun people. Best part were the dps reports this morning though, apparently there had been like three robberies during the night. Milwaukee such a superb city. Any who I ran into Twaan last night, such a funny guy. It is impossible not to love that guy when you get to know him. Apparently he his a pt and a varsity coach right now, and as always a womanizer.

Tonight we got a meeting for all the incoming athletes, should be fun to see what kind of quality the class got!




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