1000000 Million Dollar Day

Tomorrow we are playing the first game of the season, we are facing UIC. We actually played them in the spring, then the game ended 1-1. I am hopeful and positive that tomorrows game will not end the same way, we have put in too much work and effort to not win. I know that everybody in our team will run till they faint, before they lose the game. We are skilled enough, and we have heart enough. What is left is to actually prove that we are as good as we say, and to really see what we are.


We only had a light practise today, just to get some touches on the ball and to get the body moving. The best part about Marquette know is that the food places are opened now, you just swipe your card and you can eat what ever you want to. I love it, even though the food is not to good. Luckily sometimes you get lucky and they have something super good, but most often it is classical american food like burgers and such.


So all the freshmen are here now, which means a lot of parties untill school starts on monday. Like party 24/7 to be more exact, which is super funny. Sadly we soccer players cannot really be a part of it since we got games. But I actually went to a party last night, not drinking obviously but still there I mean you got to have some fun in life. Really good party, and almost only freshmen there. Lots of sweet hearts, lots. The fun part though was the ending of the party. Here at Marquette we got DPS officers, which basically are here to keep us safe and all that. They can not really do anything since they are not real police men, but a lot of freshmen do not know that yet. So when DPS showed u pat the party they all ran away, which cracked me up. They all literally scattered from the area, locked like a big group of birds flying away from the road when a car arrives.

freshmen are awesome!!!




One thought on “1000000 Million Dollar Day

  1. good luck tomorrow my son.
    about the food don´t they have training food ,salad, chicken, vegetables….it is America where everything is possible isn+t it…lova mom

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