What A Long And Strange Ride It Been

Started of the day with a move to the place where I will ive for the rest of the year, Mashuda Hall, I lived here last year as well. A lot of people say that this is one of the best dorm rooms, since it  a little bit bigger than the others. My opinion though is that this dorm is boring, compared the some of the others. McCormick is the funniest dorm, only freshmen and party all the time. Terrible for soccer and school, but oh oh so much fun. And for the record, this room has its obstacles. Only warm water in the sink, a leak in the bath room, and not enough space for three people. I cannot wait untill I get my own place next year, it is going to be so much fun.

Practise went good today, thought C was going to break my leg but I survived it. Only three days left until out first real game, I am starting to get exited.

Right now today all the freshmen are here, so the following days will be a blast. Just parties everywhere, I will not be able to participate though since we got practise and all that. Anyway we got small groups where we meet other freshmen, and it is actually really funny. There are so many different characters at this school, both in a good and a bad way. In this small group meetings they explain rules of the school, and you can ask whatever questions that you want. One of the hottest girl in my group said, what kind of punishments do you get if you keep alcohol in the dorm? here face turned red, and she said, not that I am going to do that I am just wondering. I just started laughing, which maybe not was to appreciated by her, but I could not stop.

And another kid, I could just see on him that he was weird. First impressions you know! We were suppose to say something fun we did during the summer, and he completely and utterly seriously said, I watched my uncles cat. Nothing more. No sarcasm no nothing just a plain face. I think he is going to be very special.

Well practise in seven hours so good night.

P.S I got a big beard right now ( laughter).





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