Apartments And Fighting

Just got back to the apartment after a really long day, left at 8.30 this morning and got back at 9.30 tonight. We started off with a really hard practise this morning, especially for me since it was my first one since I got concussed. We played a lot fo games, and after every game we run, and we run a lot.

  • 44 yards x 4 seven times
  • 18 yards x 6 eight times
  • 6 yards x 10 ten times

I was literally dead after that, especially since it was so warm. It is really important for us players to stay super hydrated in between practises and at nights. We also need to take care of our bodies after practises, ice baths, stretching, and all that.

After the second practise, which also involved a lot of running, all the international guys on the team went over to the international orientation meeting. All the new international students were there, and we introduced the soccer program as well as our selves. It was really funny to meet so many people, and obviously everybody has really different stories from were they are which is awesome. We played some soccer tennis with them and just showed them about soccer. They seemed very interested, and they really enjoyed playing around with us. At the end we signed a few soccer balls and gave them to the people who was there, and that made them happy I assumed. They seemed happy though, and we all had a good time.

Well now I will go to bed, I am deadly tired!



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