Woke up this morning feeling like shit, I think it was a little bit of sunday flue. Just chilled all day long in front of the TV, and watched some sweet movies. A couple of guys on the team and be decided to go to Hoovers house and grill, his parents treated us really well. The burgers they made were probably the most delicious I ever had, and the seasoning was just amazing. But the best part of the Hoovers is the house they live in, it is the most beautiful I have ever seen. The view is simply breathtaking, right out to lake Michigan and they got some beautiful flowers in front of it. It is my dream house so far in life. Katherine had two of her friends there aswell, one of them was her new roommate for the upcoming year, they seem like a good match to be honest. And she was beautiful which always is a big plus, pleasant person as well. Lauren is here name if my memory is not deceiving me, and their second friend , Maggie, seemed pretty awesome as well.

After the barbecue we all went to see the girls play, they might be one of the best teams in the country but man I do nor enjoy women sport too much. They won with 1-0 , which was very good. It is always fun when Marquette is winning.

When we came back to the apartment, Sweesy and his friends had a little get together. Always nice to meet some new people, they are always funny. Bridget was here, which was fun because I have not seen here since the first night I got here in the spring. They decided to go to the bars later on, and the rest of us are preparing for bed. New day tomorrow, and finally I will be back on the field in full training.





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