So We Are Back

Finally got cleared to get back into soccer practise, finally I mean I have felt perfectly fine for a couple of days now. I will not be able to get into tackles, but who cares I am just happy to touch the ball again.

Yesterdays game was a success, we won 2-0. We did not play our best, but to be able to win even though you do not play your best is a good thing. The goals were scored by Amilcar, and axel/selfgoal. Millie did play really well, which both bothers me and makes me glad. I mean I love the kid and I want him to play super good, but at the same time we are fighting for the same spot on the team. Obviously I want to have that starting spot, and so does he but it is not to forget that we put the team in the first place. To be completely honest both him and me are a little bit injured and unfit, so neither of us will be able to play for 90 minutes. Therefore we both will play a lot this year, and we both will play well.

I will post some movies from the game as soon as possible, now I am of to bed because we got 7 a.m practise tomorrow.




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