Mcflurry, Scooter

This morning I was back practising, and it felt great. My touch was good, my passing was super, and my shooting was phenomenal. We did a couple of competitions, and I won one and tied the second one with Hufty. I really thought I would win since I scored 4/5 the first round, but sadly I only made two the second round. Missed some shoots, that should have been goals. The best feeling though, was to be back on the field again. It is always like that in life it feels like, you do not really appreciate things until you do not have them any more. But one it is back again, it is nothing but awesome.

I went to a sweet burger place today, sobelmans, it was super good I have to admit. Really good burgers and fries, actually delicious. I got to give it to coach A since it is his favourite place, good pick coach A. On the way to the burger place we saw a sign for a moped, called the guy up and asked about the price, 1500 dollars. It is brand new, and who knows maybe it is time to quit walking around on campus.

We are going to watch the girl’s game tonight, it is their season starter and hopefully they will win. If you think about it they really should win, they are supposed to be like the best team in the nation. So hopefully we will see a good game, women sport you know.

Tomorrow we got a new game, it is out last practise game before the real deal starts off. I am going to warm up but not play, it will be fun to see our guys kill their guys though. We are playing parkside, and we really should win.




One thought on “Mcflurry, Scooter

  1. Nice that you are back again. Yesterday we meet your friends at Heron City, Erik, P, And Mackan. well take care
    Love mom and Peter says hi also

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