Loyola Tomorrow, Ohhh Yeah

The best part about pre-season is all the food we are getting, I mean they literally treat us as kings. Or at least very spoiled teenage kids, and I really like it. I have to admit it if I would not practise as much as I do, I would be so fat. I love food and I think it is super delicious, it is just to good to not have it. I cannot wait until I am old and just eating all the good stuff I will get, man I would love to live the life of a pensioner. But I would like to have it now when I am young enough to enjoy it. Man so much to do.

Tomorrow I will finally get back in to practise, just for a light session but still nice to do something. After my biking, I will sit on my chair and watch our walk trough for the game. After that we are off the game against Loyola, it is just a friendly game but we will do all we can to win. It will be a good tester of where we are as a team for the moment.

Just received my new boxing gear, just waiting for the mouth protection then we can do some damage.



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