So My Dad ?

This was our first real day of pre season, not as bad as I thought it would be. We started of by going to the beach and run, we also played some head volley games. All the freshmen was in one team, and so on. Everybody thought that we would and in the last place since we are freshmen, but we did better than so we ended second. Little bit of awesomeness, pretty sweet I have to say. After the beach session we had breakfast and during the day we had two more practises. So what we are doing right now is three practises each day, might same like a lot and that is also what it is. The worst part about is our field though, it really makes all our players hurt more. Me myself I really feel how the field is making my knees and calf’s really get’s in a lot of pain during practise, but obviously I really do not want to step of. Everyday is a chance to prove one self to the coaches, and since I am om their bad side I need to show it even more to get a chance to play.

After the last practise we had a team dinner, and some introducing of the new players. We all had to do something for the team, I decided to try some stand up comedy. The players loved it, but the coaches shut me down after a while. They did not appreciate ny sense of humor.



One thought on “So My Dad ?

  1. sometimes you have to choose your battles and get a fingertopfeeling, when is the right time, place to say and do things. Hope that the stand up didn´t take you even more to the “bad” side.
    Be Sebastian and show everyone the smart, sweat,adult, sportsman you are//love mom
    What did you actually bring up when you tried stand up…..

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