Old Ghosts, Man

I went back to the gym today, it was about a week ago since I went there last. It felt good though it is always fun to get back into training, it was hard though. A lot of upper body, the sweet heart muscles so to say. After practise I went back to the place and just chilled for a while, i also talked on Skype for a bit with my dad. He and his girl as well as my brother will come here to visit in october, I am really looking forward for them visiting. Hopefully we will not have any typical Milwaukee things happening then, like all the thief’s and bla bla bla.

We had a couple of tests today to measure our athleticism and flexibility, and I totally failed. Seems to be what I am doing nowadays, pretty sweet I got to admit but well who cares right. I was a little bit confused though because when I first got here I had not been practising for like five months, and the only thing I had been doing was drinking, sleeping around and played Wei. The thing is though that I scored 18/21 then and Now I only got thirteen which is barely passing. So in my opinion that has to mean that we are practising wrong or something, or maybe my body just gets fitter from not practising. Could be either way or no way at all, hopefully I will find out soon enough.

Here is a video from the test.



One thought on “Old Ghosts, Man

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