Go Out With Style

A big question in life got to be if weekends is the time to rest from the week, or if the week is time to rest from the weekend? I do not have a specific answer though, all I know is that I need to rest know because I am extremely tired. I have finished my paper even though I fell asleep for about half an hour when I tried to finish it, if it is a good paper in a completely different question though. I do hope I get 88 points, otherwise I am F……

However, today was spent at the Alfanos, pretty sweet I have to say. Just chilling at the pool, eating super good food. Some people would probably call it paradise, and I am one of them. We were about ten guys from the team there, and Fonzies family and girlfriend as well. Good times, roles and two those who knows what it means “when it rains, it pours.”

Here are some movies from the Week.





One thought on “Go Out With Style

  1. Hi sweetie, nice swing hope to be able to play against you soon oscar and I are doing very nice on golf now//love mom

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