what’s up what’s up

Saturday morning at least in my opinion, some grown ups would probably call it early afternoon. I managed to over sleep today, I was supposed to play a soccer tournament with my team-mate Hufty. Sadly I did not hear the alarm or the phone call from him, I do hope the tournament goes well anyway. I think it was good that I did not wake up, because now I got time to work on my paper a bit more and I really need all the time I can get.

Last night Emilie had her going away party, she is going to Rome for a semester. Her party was fun and a lot of sweet people was there, afterwards we went back and chilled. We had this ladies men with us all night.

I brought up a very serious question with Riley last night, men watch porn when they masturbate do girls do the same?

Apparentlyย they do not, I do not know what to believe though I will keep investigating!




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