At The End

Tomorrow will my last day in class for me this summer, it is an exam but still the last day. Then finally I will be free from school for a couple of weeks, no home work to worry about and no exams to study for. I still need to study a lot for the exam tomorrow since I literally do not have clue what it is going to be about. I have a study cirkel tonight, so hopefully I will learn a lot then.

Todays practise was really rough, a long work out session with power wheels and weight balls. A lot of hard work but it was a good session. Sadly a couple of our players were late for practise and therefore we got punished as a group, the punishment was running. We did ran 300 meters 5 times, and you have to do it in less than 1 minute and 15 seconds each time. I was almost dead afterwards, so tired.

I played Leonard in PIng-pong today, and I demolished him. I do think he has some anger management problems sometimes though. He got so pissed that he almost killed mau three times, broke one paddle, and flipped something in his room over. I thought it was hilarious though, and so did everybody else.

Last night we had some people over, they were nice enough to make us cupcakes. They were extremely tasty, and very well done. I give a round of applause for Cathy, Shannon, and Kristy, good work. It is kind of funny to meet people from so many parts of America, people from all over America really comes to this school. Me personally do not know how people find schools that are so far away from, but I am glad they come here. Also fun that Reilly is back in Milwaukee. When those guys had left, all the germans girl’s came over. They were funny as always, and it is easier to understand each other’s english when you are all foreigners. We just chilled, and all of a sudden the time was 4 in the morning. Not to many hours of sleep before class, but it is all right.

Now I am of to the Al for some seriuos studying, hoping for a good grade tomorrow.





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