Back To Milwaukee

I am back at school now, and my fellow Swede is here to. It is nice to be able to speak Swedish about other people again, it is like paradise we can say what ever we want to and no one knows anything.

Anyway, the trip to Alabama was not a success soccer ways, but it was a lot of fun with all the lads and to actually play a national tournament. The last days we just chilled in the jacuzzi and worked on our tanning lines. The 13 hour bus trip was not to enjoyable, a lot of good movies and Gatorade but still so uncomfortable. I really tried to do my homework and all that but it was impossible, as soon as I tried to read my eyes just dropped and I fell asleep. I still think it was a stupid ide’ to leave five in the morning, but no one agreed with me.

I found out some fun things about the team we lost against, their player who scored the first goal used to play for Bayern Munich, and their guy that scored goals used to play for Chivas in the MLS. The coolest thing though was that here manager is Donal Logue, a famous actor.Donal Logue Picture

This guy to be more specific.

I just got of the phone with Alejandro, he had good night yesterday. He went to a house party on campus, and they had a DJ in the house. How cool is that, I which that I had been there. There were a lot of fun people there apparently, he meet a girl who literally said and I quote him, “Alejandro I want you now!”. I love to hear about people who are so forward, I mean if you want something in life the only to get is to take it. He said no thank you though, he apparently got his eyes at someone else. Anyway Alejandro emailed me a video from the party and here is it.

Here is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago, that I promised I would post.




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