Hi, I Am Swedish

The weekend which is just on the way to be over was great, a lot of fun events took place. On friday A went up to Stevens point to help coach during a finishing camp. It was along trip, but he gave us food, and we made some money. I think is nice that we have a couple of those camps to spread the word about our soccer program, and it gives kids who just love soccer a chance get some real practise. Sadly there is basically no one who has been properly trained in their young years, and therefore they will never be able to get a scholarship for playing soccer. There was one girl though who was really good, she was a freshmen in highschool, but really talented. A good strike on the ball, fast, skillful passing, and quick as a bunny. A lot of fun though, and easy money.

Friday night I was out with A couple of friends, and one of them might just be the perfect partner in crime next summer. More about that another time.

Yesterday we went out with team to a ping-pong bar/restaurant called spin. It was sick, I think a place like that could be super to have in Sweden. They had about 15 tables, a million balls, 4 bars, and a lot of tables for food serving. The layout was good, and the theme fits most people. Friends who wants to have fun, families who are going out, a more relaxed and fun date, people who wants good food in a nice environment. Man I might be their PR guy after this.

Today I will study so that I will get a big f…ing score on the test Tuesday,and I must also rewrite my paper. I gave the first draft to my teacher for revising, and she wanted me to change a lot of it. I also talked to Alejandro today, he told me about his weekend. He had blast this weekend. Friday night he apparently finished two liters of Bacardi Razz with one of his friends, and then they went to a freshmen party. The party was not as good as he thought it was going to be, there were a lot ofΒ sketchy people there. He met some funny people though, not as hot as promised but still funny. He apparently had taken his pants of after party and walked ten yards without them. He cracks me up sometimes, with his stories.

Yesterday he went to a big party, they had it on the back yard of a couple of houses and a lot of people were there. He met so many last night, and he told me that he literally could not remember the name of half of them. A lot of new freshmen were there, and so was everybody else. He also told me that he met a girl who looks just like Angelina Jolie, the only difference was that her hair was blonde and nor brown. Sounded real sexy if you ask me. A super party, and a super night for Alejandro.






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