Working Tomorrow, Ohh Yeah!

I just found out that I will work tomorrow, and it is well payed as well. I will help out at a soccer camp for a couple of hours, and I will get 25 an hour. Which is more than double ow what I earned after tax in Sweden. To be honest it is not really working when you just help out at a soccer camp, but as long as i get paid I am happy.

Only two practises today, but to be honest that is good. The practise this morning was extremely hard, I honestly thought that I would puke a couple of times. I did not though, which was nice. You know that you are really tired when you start making strange noises during the exercise, I mean I sounded like a cow giving birth or a dog chasing a car.

Anyway any who here are some pictures of my new clothes, and me off course.




One thought on “Working Tomorrow, Ohh Yeah!

  1. Great work day today, have fun. Nice clothes like the jacket. Big Grattis to all star team son keep up the good job//mom miss you very much it is so silent back here.

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