Game Day!

So today we actually had a game, we played the Milwaukee wave. Which is a professional futsal team, I do not know how that works since it is clearly not real soccer. They live on doing this though, and therefore they are professional players. Before the game I thought that we would stand a chance, but I was wrong so wrong. They completely demolished us, we did not stand a chance. The final score was 24-3, which sounds a lot more than it was. They got some strange rule that every goal is worth two points, and if you score from behind a specific line it is three points. Strange in all its bits, but still a lot of fun. There were about 3,500 people who watched the game, and it was aired on national tv. We got our ass kicked, but it was just a friendly game so it does not matter. Sadly the absolute last thing that happened in the game was their defender smashing my leg, so I will probably not be able to play for a couple of days.

Here is a video from the game.

Coach told me some really good news today, I made the All-star team in the NPSL league. Maybe not the most impressive thing in the world, but it still fells nice to be acknowledged for all the hard work. To be honest they have five leagues in the whole us, and some of the players in this league plays for really good schools so I guess that means I am kind of proud.

Finished my paper today so now it is just revising that will be done to it. I even got my tutors help so that is good, since they are super smart he will be very helpful.



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