Hot, Hot, Hot!

It is so warm here, I usually like warm weather but this is just to warm. I mean just walking around makes me sweat, and that is not something I like. It is almost so that I should walk around with a towel and a fan all the time, but that will probably not even work. The warmest I ever been through in Sweden is nothing compared to this, and the humidity is a joke. It is un reel, 89 % is just too much.

Anyway I had a meeting with my teacher Sarah today, and we decided that she should be my advisor. She is extremely knowledgeable and I she will be able to help me a lot, both with what classes I should pick and with finding internships later on. We talked about me double majoring in communication, and I really think that might me a good ide. Why not get two educations, right?

A lot of practising today, I am leaving for my third in about half an hour. Now I have to study for a bit though…




One thought on “Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. Great hot hot hot, good news a letter from your school the money seems to be ok for this year.

    Nice that you fixed your laundry, but what about a whole night at the shopping mall?????? was it beacause they had air condition…..
    please post a pictures of the new stuff you bought// mom

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